Meeting Notes


March 24, 2016


Small Scale: coming up, it’ll be on campus


Fund Raising:

Fund Raiser confirmed for:


April 19th, Tuesday 8am-12noon (we’re aiming for 10-2pm)

April 22rd, Friday 12noon-3pm


We’ll have a monopoly on selling food:

Fried Oreos

Pancake-Funnel Cake

Sweet potato and regular fries


~30 minute set-up


Video Advertisement:

On the horizon, for some kind of class project; it’s about us, we might be in it, but we’re not making it.



A proactive group we may work with in the future. (We’re gonna steal some of their members.)


Upcoming sustainability divestment from fossil fuels petition.

We might be able to help.



Poster with information to be printed and posted as part of our processing-fundraising-spring-time blitz.  


Jeopardy-questions-refresher game:

If Bill can get back to us, we could start processing.

We can play jeapordy to refresh our knowledge about processing. This will be in the near future and probably lead by Tyler.


Writing Proposal for sustainability grant


Community Outreach for Ray Miller’s groups

6-7pm Thursday April 7



No Glycerin? Something happened to our chemicals. NaOH might be screwing us over.



Thursday January 28, 2016

  • The fried food fundraiser will take place in March or April
  • Sustainability Committee application
    • Next semester, Bulldog Biodiesel is available to apply for grant money allocated to green organizations.
  • Posters are going up next week
  • Have an idea for a social event? Tell us at the meeting! We’re open to ideas, and will be planning one soon.
  • Please communicate at what times you are available for training this semester, as that is one of our priorities this semester.
  • There will probably not be exec meetings from now on, unless one is scheduled for a specific purpose.


Friday October 30, 2015

  • Elementary school hangout
    • Volunteer and/or donate a gift
  • Earth day is Friday, April 22. We’ll be planning something for the occassion
  • Hopefully processing will start this week


Friday October 9, 2015

  • Fundraiser October 19-21. Google Doc sign-up will be emailed shortly
  • New Facebook page management
  • New Color Poster for Sodexo in development, more ideas welcome!
  • Processing will take place soon, though the exact date is undetermined
  • Social Event and Community Outreach ideas welcome


Friday October 2, 2015

  • New Posters:
  • Apple Cider Fundraiser, October 26-30, 2015
  • Shed Tour and Cleaning Party this Saturday at 1pm
  • Start Processing TBD