Bulldog Biodiesel began in the fall semester of 2007 as a collaborative effort between agriculture science senior practicum and the American Chemical Society. The group quickly garnered the interest and support of many students and faculty within the University. Thanks to the assistance of the Agriculture Science development fund, we were able to purchase a BioPro 190 automated processor in January 2008, and we have since been producing biodiesel with waste vegetable oil donated by several cafeterias and community restaurants.

     Our organization was officially chartered by Truman State University in April 2008 and has continued to generate interest within the student body. We have processed several hundred gallons of waste vegetable oil (which would otherwise go into a landfill) for use as fuel for university vehicles. Active involvement of students makes this possible, and we are always looking for more ways to serve our local community and the planet.

A sample jar of waste vegetable oil.